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FIC: First Meeting - Part 2

I finally got to writeing the second part. Sorry for the delay. I hope you all like it!

If anyone asked, the reason why Detective Nina Cassady spent so much of her free time in the courthouse watching the trials of the cases she had worked, even on days when she was not needed to testify, she would have given an answer about how she just wanted to make sure that justice was being served. What Nina would have left out was the other factor at work in bringing her to the courtroom sometimes three or four times a week during a trial, and that had much more to do with ADA Connie Rubirosa. The unbelievable grace and beauty with simultaneous strength and confidence that the ADA displayed had mesmerized Nina the first time she had seen her in the courtroom, and truth be told, the young woman displayed most of these same traits outside of the courtroom as well. It was just more appropriate and acceptable to sit and stare at the women while she was cross-examining a witness than it is when she was in the bullpen asking her and her partner about the details of a case. So here she was, for the third time this week, spending part of her afternoon off sitting in the gallery watching Connie Rubirosa work. She really needed to get a fucking life.

Today Nina had slipped into the back row of the gallery after she and Green had finished up some paperwork early, and watched for about twenty minutes before the judge adjourned for the day and the courtroom began to empty out. Nina, who intended to leave as unobtrusively as she had entered, in her classic ever-awkward style tripped over a step in the lobby and dropped the contents of a file folder she carried all over the floor.

Nina wad down on her knees picking up the scattered papers and when she turned and stood who was right in front of her with her trademark smile, but the very object of her affection, Connie Rubirosa. Nina was mortified.

“Here again detective?” Connie asked, her brown eyes full of humor.

Nina tried to remember what she had planed to say about her reason for being there…something about fully understanding the system as a whole… but she was so flustered from having just embarrassed herself once again in front of this gorgeous woman, and now she was looking at her with those brown eyes that made it so difficult for her to think straight that nothing came out.

“Why don’t you just ask me out? I do of course enjoy having you come watch me in court, but I feel like something more intimate would be nice as well.” Nina had thought she was speechless before, now her inability to communicate had reached new heights. She was a deer caught in headlights. Connie began to look concerned.

“I haven’t misread your interest, have I detective? I am usually pretty good at reading signals, but if I am way off base here I apologies for my forwardness.” Connie looked almost as embraced as Nina had moments ago.

Nina finally snapped out of it.

“No. No, you haven’t misread anything.”

“Good,” Connie’s confident smile quickly returned, “tomorrow night then, detective? What do you say?”

Nina agreed and the two went their separate ways. A wide smile crept onto Nina’s lips. This was about to get interesting.

in case you missed it Part One
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