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FIC: First Meeting

Title: First Meeting
Author: lilly_plaid
Fandom: Law and Order Mothership
Pairing: Detective Nina Cassady/ ADA Connie Rubirosa
Summery: The girls first meeting and on the J-Train case.

Timeline: set during Fame.
Note: Thanks to my bata reader Brigid31. You rock!

Her very first case as a real life New York City homicide detective and she had embarrassed herself more times that she could count. It was hard enough to be taken seriously with all the Detective Beauty Queen stuff, and Nina Cassady just wanted a chance to prove herself. Arresting Jason Smoka was a good start, but now she felt like she was back to embarrassing herself. She knew Mike Wayland, and that he wasn’t capable of doing what they had accused him of, and felt it was her responsibility to make that clear to Connie Rubirosa, the ADA who was just as new to her job as Nina was to her own. It also didn’t hurt that Rubirosa was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen, and any excuse to talk to her was one detective Cassady would gladly take advantage of.

She had felt amazingly self conscious when they spoke. She tried her very best to be professional and to plead her case about Wayland, but it was hard to stay focused on anything but how beautiful Rubirosa’s deep brown eyes where when in her presence. “Its not in his nature, I’m 1000% positive” she had said to the ADA, and instantly felt silly and awkward. Talking to a beautiful women at work like she was in middle school was just one more embarrassment to add to the pile. But the smile Connie Rubirosa gave her before she walked away didn’t make her feel awkward, but it did make her a little light headed.

Connie Rubirosa had told Jack McCoy that she didn’t have any skeletons in her closet, and that was true. But as she listened to the young Detective impassionedly defend a flawed man all she could think about was what it would be like to kiss her. With all the tabloid reporters running around this case, a picture of the detective who arrested Smoka and the attorney who prosecuted him in an intense lip lock in the middle of courthouse would most assuredly sell some paper.

She pushed back the fantasy and gave detective Cassady her full attention. She would inevitably bring this information to Jack, though she knew it really didn’t make any difference unless Nina could somehow prove that Wayland hadn’t used his sister’s money to buy drugs. She was becoming very aware that is was going to be very had for her to ever say no to the gorgeous woman who stood before her.

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